Monday 24th January 2022
All Courses Open
Caution Drainage Work Between 2 and 3
Play off the winter tee at the 5th.
Winter/Fairway Mats To Be Used On All Closely Mown Areas (including Par 3 Tee Boxes)

Communication - Blog as a Trial Exercise

For some time now, we (both Council and the Club as a whole) have been considering various ways of improving communication to the members in addition to those methods already utilised (i.e. Malone News, weekly e-mails, social media, posters/notices, etc) and as a trial exercise I would like to attempt to write a blog on at least a weekly basis in order to further improve member communication and hopefully to give everyone more insight into what is happening 'behind the scenes' at Malone.

I am happy to listen to any feedback you may have, or alternatively, if there are any questions you would like to ask, please feel free to let me know via e-mail at

Edenderry Nine

I couldn't help but venture out today and take some photos in the sunshine of the Edenderry Nine, which is looking and playing great at the moment! This course is still greatly under-utilised by much of the membership and I would encourage anyone who hasn't played it recently to give it a go and see just how enjoyable a course it is, and also the different types of shot/creativity that are required compared to when playing the main course.

Congratulations to the green staff on presenting all three nines to a superb standard at present, and this will only improve as we continue to work on presentation and attention to detail around the estate in general.

Development Works/Upgrades To Short Game Facilities

Contractors are due to arrive on site on Monday to start the works to upgrade the existing short game practice facilities at the rear of the clubhouse building, as per the proposals that have been on display for the last several months, which were subsequently given the green light to proceed by both Council and the Ladies Committee.

Our green staff have stripped the turf in preparation for the contractors' arrival and some of the turf will be used elsewhere on the golf course - for example, to repair damage at the edges of some of the bunkers where the mechanical bunker rake has caused wear and tear when entering and exiting the bunker.

Clearance of Old Tractor Shed At Rear Of Courtyard Buildings

The metal shed that was previously used as a log store has now been demolished, including the removal of the asbestos roof (primarily for health and safety reasons), which has left us with a large area that now needs to be tidied up/improved.

The current thinking is that this area will become additional car parking space, adjacent to the warm up range which is soon be constructed, and will need to be properly finished in tarmac, etc. A ball dispenser for the new range will most likely also be located in this area, within easy access of both the club shop and the range facility.

Former Juvenile Locker Room Converted To A Swing Room

The room at the rear of the clubhouse building which was formerly used as the juvenile boys' locker room has now been cleared of the old lockers which were no longer fit for purpose and a net/enclosure has been installed which will be utilised by the professional staff for the purposes of teaching and club fitting going forward.

It is hoped this room can be further developed to incorporate an additional net, so this room can then be used by members during the winter months or when the weather is inclement to enable them to practice in dry/warmer conditions.

Attempts To Address Ongoing Issues In Shower/Toilet Facilities

As many of you will be aware, there have been ongoing issues throughout this year with an unpleasant smell permeating throughout the toilet/shower areas in both the male and female locker rooms.

After several investigations and remedial works being carried out, it has proven necessary to take more drastic action to fix the issue once and for all.

Thanks to Perry Orr and Chris Walsh from our Green Staff, we have been able to connect pipework that previously had no obvious outlet to the mains sewage system and we are hopeful this will now prevent any recurrence of the unpleasant sulphur/sewage smell.

That's all for now...

If you've read this far, many thanks for your time and attention - again, I would welcome any feedback and/or questions you may have, and hopefully this update/blog can become a regular occurrence.

Kind regards,

Paddy Dean
General Manager


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