Monday 24th January 2022
All Courses Open
Caution Drainage Work Between 2 and 3
Play off the winter tee at the 5th.
Winter/Fairway Mats To Be Used On All Closely Mown Areas (including Par 3 Tee Boxes)

Hole #4:-

The first of our par 3 holes has undergone some subtle, but welcome, tweaks in my opinion.

Firstly, the large and somewhat ugly bunker to the right hand side of the green has been changed to two separate bunkers, each of which are still a decent size though.

Secondly, the bunker at the left hand side of the green has been removed and converted into a grassy hollow - which means that we will now have to demonstrate our delicate chipping skills as opposed to our delicate bunker skills if/when we end up here!

The bunker on the right hand side was first dug out/removed, before being reshaped into two brand new bunkers - thankfully the first RHS bunker doesn't seem to 'wrap around' the front of the green too much (as per Ken Kearney's original vision), which will probably be a welcome relief to most of us.

The left hand bunker then had fill added, ready to be dug out and re-contoured into a grassy hollow.

Two 'New' Bunkers Shaped            Revetted Turf Edge Laid Out

Turf Laid - Now Awaiting New Liners & Sand            Spoil Used To Fill In Bunker & Create Grassy Hollow

The finished product on this hole is again impressive visually, both from the greenside and also from the tee:-

Greenside View, With Left Hand Bunker No Longer In Evidence            View From Short Of Green - New Bunkers Looking Well

View From Front Of Men's/Green Teeing Area

As you can see in the photo above, our green staff have tidied up the copse of trees between the teeing area on this hole and the back tee on the 5th hole, with some trees having been removed/thinned out, and this area will now be sown out in grass and maintained, similar to what was previously done on the Ballydrain nine between the 13th/14th and 14th/15th holes.

Sympathetic Tree Clearance To Allow More Desirable Trees To Flourish

Hole #5 summary to follow next.

Paddy Dean
General Manager
2nd April 2020


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