Monday 24th January 2022
All Courses Open
Play off the winter tee at the 5th.
Winter/Fairway Mats To Be Used On All Closely Mown Areas (including Par 3 Tee Boxes)

Hole #1:-

As per Ken Kearney's recommendations, the fairway bunker on the right hand side has been remodelled in situ, as can be seen from the photos below.


The bunker was first dug out to expose the existing drainage, before re-shaping and contouring of the surrounds.


Next, a revetted turf edge was used to provide an outline of the new bunker shape, to then enable the surrounding area to be topsoiled in preparation for new turf to be laid.

The sportbond concrete liner was then installed, followed by brand new sand being introduced, together with the entire strip area being re-turfed to give the finished product as shown below. The new turf will need to be carefully maintained and watered over the next few weeks to make sure it is given every chance to establish fully.

The bunkers at the end of the fairway have been reduced to just one bunker as per Ken Kearney's recommendations:-


The same process was followed, with the revised bunker getting a new liner and new sand introduced, before being turfed.


The greenside bunker was earmarked to go, and instead converted into a grassy hollow - I for one will not be sad to see this bunker go!

'Before' photo showing 1st hole greenside bunker            'After' photo with greenside bunker converted to grassy hollow

Overall, the changes to the 1st hole look superb, as can be seen in the photo below, taken from the tee:-

Hole #2 summary to follow next.

Paddy Dean
General Manager
29th March 2020


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