Monday 25th May
All Courses Open
Members Only In Step/Phase 1
Please Repair Pitch Marks

Members are reminded the Club operates a Direct Debit system in respect of annual membership subscriptions.

The scheme ensures that you have cleared your subscription in advance rather than being faced with a single large payment in October/November.

Now that you have paid your 2020 subscription you might wish to be included on the Direct Debit scheme for the 2021 year and beyond.

The scheme debits your account starting in February each year and takes nine equal instalments until October (which means the first instalment towards next year's subscription will be taken at the end of Feb).

NB: please note the final payment in November includes any increase in subscription for the following year.

To join the Direct Debit scheme now, please click on the link below to print the instruction form for completion and return to the office. 


Kind regards,

Paddy Dean
General Manager